Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Raising awareness and funds to support the cause against anti-Asian violence.

As the founders of Haerfest, Dan and I felt compelled to share a personal message with our community on how we felt about the anti-Asian violence happening across the country right now. Growing up as Korean Americans, we've seen and experienced racism and discrimination in subtle and blatant ways. To be honest, we didn't speak up against it because we felt powerless and discouraged, accepting this as the norm in the world we live in.

However, we've been inspired by our fellow Asian and Asian American friends, whose voices and actions have empowered us with the courage to share our story and be vocal in standing in solidarity with the Asian American community. As creators, we will take action and work collectively with the people and organizations that support efforts against anti-Asian sentiment and violence.

We believe that starting with our social platforms, we can use the power of our voices to spread more awareness of these horrific acts and join in the online movement to share stories, updates, resources, and support as this issue continues to get minimal mainstream news coverage.

"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes."

As a brand, we've been reflecting on our "Why." Although we started with bags, being a small company we have the freedom and agility to explore creating other products that we can stand behind in both design and quality. We’ve been working on developing intentional apparel, garments that are meaningful and purpose-driven, and we wanted to start with t-shirts that spread a powerful message: "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes."

100% of the proceeds from the first production run of our t-shirts will be donated to AAPI organizations that fight anti-Asian hate.

Every sale goes towards the cause

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We want to break free from an illusion many believe - that we can expect change to happen on its own. Change starts from within and through the actions of empowered individuals who believe that we can be the change we hope to see in the world.

As two proud Asian Americans taking action to create change, we ask you to join us and use the power of your voices to spread more awareness to your communities, educating those who are unaware of what's happening and spread vetted researched information. 

Tim & Dan

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