Size Guide

Different sizes for your needs

With the world changing so quickly, we try to create essentials that will fit your modern day carry. From phones, laptops, notebooks, clothes, shoes, we got you covered. Take a look at some of the different things your bag can fit.


Store your laptop, chargers, Wacom tablet, pens, planners, water bottle and personal items all in its roomy main compartment, inner pockets, padded laptop pocket and outer zip pocket.

Macbook 15" – Large Travel Backpack 19x12.5" – Swell Bottle 17oz – Stack of Clothes

Magazine – Macbook 13" – Small Travel Backpack 17.5x11.5" – Swell Bottle – Clothes – Fitted Hat

Macbook 13/15" – Small/Large Travel Backpack 17.5x11.5"/19x12.5" – Swell Bottle – Clothes


Spacious and light. The perfect shoulder bag when you need easy access to everything. Our Large Tote is made for location scouting, sight-seeing and catching the express train alike. With room for your camera, tripod, laptop and more, you’ll never be without your mobile studio. Plus, sneak in extra chargers and personal items, for just-in-case moments.

Macbook 15” – Large Tote 18x17.5" – Umbrella – Set of Clothes – Kinfolk Book

Macbook 13” – Flats – Small Tote 11.5x19.5" – Umbrella – Sunglasses – iPad / iPad Mini

Macbook 13/15” – Flats – Small Tote 11.5x19.5" – Large Tote 18x17.5" – Umbrella – Set of Clothes


Our contemporary computer bag, made to protect your creative solutions and business plans in one easy-to-carry place. And, bonus, there’s just enough room to tuck in your files, phone, wallet, keys and important cords, too. Sling it crossbody and maneuver the city wisely.

Glasses – Macbook 13" – Briefcase 12.5x16.5" – Kindle – A4 Paper

Bose Headphones – Macbook 13/15" – Briefcase 12.5x16.5" – Kindle – Pens – A4 Paper – Glasses


Lightweight and easily transportable, this bag has pockets for shoes and room enough inside for a change of clothes, a dopp kit and your water bottle. Swing it onto your shoulder or stack it on your suitcase and know for sure that all of your essentials are in one place when you’re ready to go.

Stack of Clothes – Sneakers – Duffel Large 14x19.5” – Swell Bottle 17oz – Tennis Racket

Clothes – Sneakers – Duffel Small 11.4x16.9” – Sun Glasses – Swell Bottle – Dopp-Kit

All Birds Sneakers – Duffel Small 11.4x16.9” – Duffel Large 14x19.5” – Swell Bottle – Clothes


All the wonderful small things that go inside your bag that keep you organized and untangled.

Macbook 13/15” – Laptop Sleeve 10.5x15" – iPad / iPad Mini – Magazine

Razor – Cleanser – Hair Spray – Dopp-Kit 5.9x9" – Face Mist – Quip Toothbrush/Paste