Custom Orders

Utilizing the strong manufacturing and supply chain network cultivated over since 2011, Haerfest has directed focus toward building strong business to business relationships with brands that align with the company’s vision and worldview.

Haerfest for Mercedes-Benz

By partnering with brands looking to elevate membership or employee gifting, Haerfest aims to rebrand the idea of promotional goods by delivering a high-quality product with an impactful story which disrupts the idea of traditional OEM promotional items with no soul.

Haerfest for Très Bien

This will provide a better experience for the client, members, employees and simultaneously increase brand awareness by putting a Haerfest product in the hands of their partner’s network.

Haerfest for Felix Gray

Haerfest for Felix Gray

For custom orders we provide a range of abilities from custom logos, monograms, colors, materials, narrative, to story placements. To inquire more about our strategic partnerships, please contact us at