Support Series — Cheyenne Jacobs

Cheyenne Jacobs

Meet Cheyenne (she/her)

Graphic designer from Philadelphia. She currently works for Instrument as a senior designer. She took some time to share with us her work and what Support means to her.

As a Bipoc Creative, what does support mean to you?

Support means the constant exchange of encouragement for BIPOC individuals - whether it’s giving or receiving. There’s a sense of readiness to help in any capacity you can give. This also means rooting and advocating for BIPOC individuals to be in spaces they deserve to be in. 

What is a big challenge for BIPOC creatives in your industry?

I don’t see a lot of people who look like me in most graphic design spaces I enter, especially in leadership positions. To find another woman of color and that is a graphic designer is hard to come by. We are out there but most of the time we are not in the spaces I aspire to be at. Sometimes it’s hard to gain confidence and know that I really belong/deserve to be in certain spaces when I don’t see who people like me.

Who would you like to Support?

I am always here to connect with people. I love sharing my resources, putting people on to inspiration that I find and connecting other BIPOC individuals with each other. I also show my support through mentoring. I think I’ve been given the opportunity to have great mentors in my life. People who are rooting for me and offering their resources to help me. It’s only right for me to do the same for others, especially for young women of color.

Why is BIPOC representation meaningful to you?

BIPOC representation is super meaningful to me because there’s strength in numbers. If I see someone that looks like me in a role or space I aspire to be in — it motivates me, even more, to be there with that person to make sure our voice is heard.


Cheyenne Jacobs

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