SUPPORT is about action. Join us in supporting the next generation of BIPOC visionaries.

As we reflect on the past year there’s simply no way to ignore the challenges that have faced our country and the world. Matters of race have brought the pandemic and other hardships into sharp relief. We’re fighting for racial justice head-on, but the inequities run deep and there is still much to do. We’re grateful to the many artists who have told the story of, and helped us process, this remarkable moment in history.

Despite the difficulties, it’s also impossible not to see the incredible wave of support for BIPOC communities throughout the world that crested with the unprecedented global protests against racial injustice and police brutality last year. But life, as always, took over, and we’re left wondering: how do we keep moving toward change? 

We’re choosing to take real action, starting in our own communities. Only action will ensure future generations of BIPOC creatives and artists have a stronger platform to stand on. We can take action for artists today by sharing, uplifting, and purchasing work. This is the support young artists need and deserve.

Haerfest is announcing a new, heart-driven initiative called SUPPORT. Our goal is to create space for conversations that celebrate those who have supported us, and support the tremendous and underrepresented talent of young BIPOC creatives and artists. 

We’re partnering with our good friend and creative collaborator, photographer Cedric Terrell, to develop the SUPPORT camera strap. It supports your creative tools so you can keep on creating. We’re also releasing a limited collection of SUPPORT apparel so you look your best while you’re creating your best.

In the spirit of action we’re donating 50% of the proceeds from the first edition SUPPORT camera straps to NYC Salt, a nonprofit partner who makes opportunities in the visual arts for underserved New York City youth.

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We invite you to “SUPPORT It Forward” and deepen the impact of this project by purchasing a strap of your own and gifting one to a creative you want to support or one who’s supported you. 

SUPPORT is about action. Join us in supporting the next generation of BIPOC visionaries. Together we can help them unleash captivating and creative stories and images that will inspire the world to keep doing better. 

Cedric & Tim

A portion of the proceeds of all other SUPPORT products goes towards visual arts programs for underserved New York City youth. We do this through the power of purchase through the products we provide. However, if you feel compelled we always encourage you to donate directly to or to your choice of an organization supporting BIPOC youth creatives and artists.