Apollo – The First Bag Designed for the New Era of Work

Introducing the Apollo Bag Collection, the world’s only bag designed to put your work-style first. 

We’ve designed a bag with no compromises and you in mind. We know you take pride in your work, your style, and now you can have a bag that matches both. The Apollo Bag Collection, all the functionality you need with the design you seek.

We wouldn’t be wasting my time or yours if we didn’t believe our new collection would benefit you.

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Backpacks have come a long way, but still not long enough. As one of the originators of well-designed and highly-functional backpacks, we’ve become experts in Balanced Design. We know that you work hard to ensure that your work, your style, and your life are seamless and effortless, and we’ve designed with this mandate in mind.

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Gone are the days where you need to sacrifice style for function or function for style. We bring you the Apollo Collection; Backpack, Tote, and Briefcase / Satchel. The world’s first bags designed to bring effortless style and function that match your life and work. 

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Haerfest.com has chosen to run a crowdfunding campaign because our focus has shifted to cater directly to consumer instead of large wholesale accounts. We felt it was only appropriate to ask the consumer what they wanted before making hundreds and thousands of units of production.

We believe crowdfunding will allow us to be discovered by a new audience who we believe is a more engaged community and will bring invaluable feedback along the process.

We also believe we will learn from the process and adapt to the modern shopping experience that involves other platforms to tell a story about our brand and products with personalization in mind.