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Kim Pham

Meet Kim (she/her)

Co-founder of Omsom based in Brooklyn, NY. When she's not busy running Omsom, Kim is a longtime Internet weirdo and vocal champion of sex + kink positivity as a vehicle for human understanding and connection. She took the time to share with us her work and what Support means to her.

As a BIPOC creative, what does “support” mean to you?

Support means having a community of folks who have empathy + understanding for my perspective. This community is able to provide care, feedback, and thoughts in a way that sees me fully.

Any words of advice or encouragement to BIPOC creatives just starting out?

You may feel imposter syndrome, but I promise you, you are enough. You have an incredibly unique perspective on the world + it is worth sharing - even if you think others may not believe so. Your artistry is born from your individuality, embrace it!

What is your cultural heritage and how has it influenced your work?

My Vietnamese identity is the lens through which I view the world, versus the leg that props up my creativity. My cultural heritage cannot be divorced from my work. Whether I’m working on Omsom or on the sex + kink positivity movement, my approach feels inherently intersectional to my queer Southeast Asian identity.


Kim Pham

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