Support Series — Andy Kim

Andy Kim

Meet Andy (he/him)

Photographer residing in Queens, NY. He's also the Head of Production at an NYC-based advertising/marketing agency. He took some time to share with us his work and what Support means to him.

As a BIPOC creative, what does “support” mean to you?

To me, "support" can be defined as something that is a small gesture with the intent to bring awareness of a creative's work or project. Or something as big as making a significant impact to bring concepts/ideas to life by contributing monetarily, contributing time, and/or leveraging personal networks to get the right audience. It can even be as small as providing inspiration.

Who has supported you and why was it meaningful?

My amazing wife has always provided very meaningful inspiration. If it wasn't for her, I never would've been able to conceptualize the idea of the book I am working on now. There also have been friends in the past who have supported me by investing into my personal photography project that funded the first half of the book project. If it wasn't for them, it never would've made it off the ground.

Why is BIPOC representation meaningful to you?

Because it's been too damn long that we have not had representation. Because as the human race, we need to progress. Because inclusivity is an important part of the creative process and should be the natural mind state of any creative.

Why are telling BIPOC stories important to you?

We need to share these experiences because there is more commonality than not. When you realize that someone that looks like you or is the same culture as you, has experienced the same things, it forms a bond and incites action to make change. This is how we get the message out, it's the start of how we become change agents - strength in numbers.


Andy Kim

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