Haerfest Partners with Mercedes-Benz on a Luxury Backpack

Haerfest partnered with Mercedes-Benz on an exclusive bag for the Benz Box. An all inclusive experience, designed for drivers on the go.

We recently partnered with Mercedes-Benz USA on a program to enhance the experience of their customers. The peak of purchase is typically when a driver gets their keys and drive off the lot, however, there's not much done by dealerships to continue a conversation and build a relationship. 

So in-line with Mercedes-Benz USA mission to surprise & delight their customers, Haerfest has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz USA for the opportunity to co-create a special gift for their drivers that they could take anywhere. Something they are proud to wear and share. 

A special gift with every purchase that's got your back no matter where you're heading. You decide the destination.

Haerfest, known for its tailored backpacks that are functional and well designed, collaborated on a luxury backpack that contains premium travel essentials like an umbrella, flashlight, and blanket to equip drivers for the road ahead. This touch-point creates a path for dealerships to start a conversation with their customers (post purchase) and build a lasting relationship.