Support Series — Zipeng Zhu

Zipeng Zhu

Meet Zipeng (he/him)

A Chinese-born artist and designer in New York City who wants to make every day a razzle-dazzle musical. He is the recipient of numerous art and design awards and his work has been exhibited all over the world. He took some time to share with us his work and what Support means to him.

As a BIPOC creative, what does “support” mean to you?

Support means being there for others.

Who has supported you and why was it meaningful?

I’ve been incredibly blessed and lucky that I’ve got support from many many wonderful people but I have to say I wouldn’t be here without the support from my parents. It was hard for them to understand what I do and why I have to do it, but they supported me regardless.

What is a big challenge being a BIPOC creative in your industry?

Being tokenized.

Any words of advice or encouragement to BIPOC creatives just starting out?

Speak up for yourself, your identity, your heritage, and your culture, and speak up for your work.

What is your cultural heritage and how has it influenced your work?

I was born and raised in Shenzhen China. Being from a tropical paradise, the use of bold colors is definitely a big part of my work.

Why is BIPOC representation meaningful to you?

To appreciate more aesthetics, celebrate more diverse individualities, and more cultural differences in art and creativity.

Why is DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) important to you and your industry?

Give underrepresented people a chance. Let them be seen.

Why are telling BIPOC stories important to you?

To champion the perfectly unique individuals and let them be heard.


Zipeng Zhu

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