SEEING IS BELIEVING: An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Exhibition

Fashion Institute of Technology

I'm thrilled to announce my exhibition at @fitnyc, titled "SEEING IS BELIEVING: An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Exhibition," which has been made possible through FIT's Diversity Collective Grant.

I take pride in sharing this as a platform that aims to celebrate the rich and diverse cultural contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in their creative industries. The exhibition seeks to take viewers inside the creative minds of 6 passionate and talented AAPI founders. Each goes on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey - starting from the genesis of their ideas to the realization of their creative products.

It's my passion to connect with creators who take pride in their unique identities and use their voices in making a positive impact in their communities. By sharing their stories, I hope to inspire and educate students with an entrepreneurial spirit to feel empowered to embrace their cultures in their business ventures.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to our group of Visionary AAPI Entrepreneurs (Jing, Charlotte, Dae, Erica, Sean, and Kevin) who generously shared their personal stories, showcasing their cultures, experiences, and identities, while emphasizing the importance of representation and giving back to the community.


An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Exhibition

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