Spring Cleaning with Marie Kondo



Marie Kondo and Kazuma Yamauchi, the cofounder of KonMari Media, whose mission is “to organize the world.” are taking her famous decluttering technique, and sharing it with the world.

Kondo started out as a “tidying coach,” helping executives, mainly in Japan, organize their homes. She quickly had a six-month waiting list and realized that implementation of her method was not scalable at that rate. So, she wrote a book, teaching people the KonMari Method of touching, sensing and determining which items truly bring them joy and will help them lead the ideal life.

The method also asks adherents to take each item into their hand to determine if it sparks joy: letting the body react emotionally to the item helps the owner decide whether to keep it or discard it, Kondo says.

Yamauchi said that the KonMari Method is unique in that it falls under the minimalism umbrella, but emphasizes being mindful about what you own and “keeping just the things you love,” as opposed to the typical message of minimalism, which might be summed up as “your life will be better if you own fewer possessions.”

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

- Marie Kondo

For me, living a simple life keeps me calm in a chaotic city. By taking the time to evaluate the things that are important to me, it allows me to eliminate the noise which frees up time and mental capacity for the decisions that bring value into my life.