SEEING IS BELIEVING: An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion

Fashion Institute of Technology

As a recent recipient of FIT’s Diversity grant, I take pride in sharing my event at @fitnyc called:

"SEEING IS BELIEVING: An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion"

My goal for this panel series is to build a yearly platform that celebrates the diversity of culture that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders bring to their creative communities. Growing up as a Korean American, I didn’t see many people that looked like me in creative leadership roles. At the time, my immigrant parents weren’t ready to accept my passion for design as a viable career path. However, the few AAPI creatives I did see in the mainstream media validated my belonging in this creative space.

This is why I titled this panel “SEEING IS BELIEVING” because feeling seen and heard has empowered me to use my platforms to share my story as a proud AAPI creative.

As an adjunct professor in the Entrepreneurship Dept and an alumnus of FIT, I’m proud to be a part of furthering FIT’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I fully support FIT's belief that diversity enriches the campus community and the educational experience for the students.

Big thanks to our talented panelists, @harukohayakawa, @studiomisch, and @rich_tu for being so generous with their time to share their cultures, experiences, and identity, while emphasizing the importance of representation and giving back to the community.


An AAPI Visionary Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion

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